How To Make A Dog Wheelchair

How To Make A Dog Wheelchair Out Of A Baby Stroller

A dog is a very playful and energetic animal. The dog always keeps running, playing. But there can be many circumstances where your dog loses his moving ability. A wheelchair would help you to give your dog a wonderful life. If you want, you can make a wheelchair-using your child’s old baby stroller. Today in this article, we will talk about making a dog wheelchair out of a baby stroller

A stroller is an essential product for you if you have small children. Almost all parents use a stroller to carry their baby in it. Maybe you don’t know that you can recycle your old baby stroller and give a new life to your injured dog. There can be many reasons your dog has become paralyzed, injured, or sick and can’t move its leg. Then you can use a wheelchair to carry your dog in it.

And you would be happy to know that if you have an old baby stroller in your house and don’t use it, then you can turn your baby stroller into a dog wheelchair. Read this article thoroughly if you want to know how to make a wheelchair for a dog or make your pet stroller. Read below to know more about making your pet stroller. 

How To Make A Wheelchair For A Dog

There are many ways to turn your stroller into a dog wheelchair. Now I am going to share some of them. Follow these methods to make a dog wheelchair out of a baby stroller.

Method 1 :

  1. First of all, take a measuring tape and measure the stroller’s height and length.
  2. Get out a mesh fabric and cut as the measurements have taken and add extra 6 inches to all sides. Put the mesh fabrics side from one end to the other and staple them below the security bar. It will keep your dog secured from accidents.
  3. Grab the mesh fabric, so it’s secured. Staple it with two inches gap.
  4. Cut out the leftover mesh fabric to cover up the place between the hood and security bar.
  5. Stitch a latch in between the mesh and security bar.
  6. Place the mesh fabric on the hood and staple it securely. It will give your dog protection.
  7. Remember to measure your dog’s leash and ensure that it is up to 18 inches. Secure it to the wheelchair.
  8. Staple the other end to the rear.

Method 2:

  1. First of all, know your dog’s weight and then know the stroller’s weight limitation.
  2. If the stroller seat is small, then release the car seat, then it will become flat like a bassinet.
  3. Remove the safety harness but don’t remove the chest strap. Remove the buckle as you don’t need it.
  4. Measure the leg opening in front of the stroller and use the measurement for cutting a pad.
  5. Use vinyl fabric to cover the pad and sew it.
  6. Join Velcro fastener on the end of the pad and front leg opening.
  7. Stitch dog leash to one of the cut safety straps.
  8. Measure the hood to the security bar.
  9. Give enough space for your dog so that he can stand on the seat.
  10. Use a mesh fabric and cut it as the measurement has taken on step number 8. It will keep your dog safe, allow the air to come in, and works as a shade.
  11. Stitch the mesh sides.
  12. Now, join the Velcro to the border of the mesh with the other end of the stroller.
  13. Take a measurement of the sitting place of the stroller and put in enough padding.
  14. The padding should be easily removable so that you can easily clean it.

Method 3 :

  1. Attach straps so that your dog couldn’t fall from the stroller. And your wheelchair is ready.
  2. Now, just put your dog on the stroller and go for a walk.

How to take care of a dog wheelchair

  • If you want to wash the seat pads and leash, remove them from the wheelchair and machine-wash them.
  • Dry them under the sun.
  • Oil the wheels regularly. 
  • Remove dirt from the wheels. You can use a damp cloth with mild soapy water for cleaning.
  • Always dry out the wheelchair properly after washing. 
  • Never use bleach for cleaning.

Is it safe to make a dog wheelchair out of a stroller?

Yes, it is safe to make a dog wheelchair out of a stroller. If your dog is somehow injured or sick and can’t move his leg, you have to buy a dog wheelchair. But if you have a tight budget and it is not possible for you to buy a wheelchair for your dog, then making a wheelchair at home is a great option.

You can turn your old stroller into a dog wheelchair by following some steps. And it’s safe for your dog.


If you’re an animal lover, then there is no doubt that you have a pet. You always want the best for your pet. You do your best to keep your pet happy and healthy. If your pet is a dog and has lost its ability to move, you will need a dog wheelchair. If you’re looking to make your pet stroller, then this article is only for you. In this article, we have talked about making a dog wheelchair out of a baby stroller.

Many of you must be wondering how you can make a dog wheelchair out of a baby stroller. Well, making a dog wheelchair from a baby stroller is very easy. Just follow the above steps. It is very safe for you, and it will also save you money. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to make a wheelchair out of a stroller for your dog so that your dog can have a better life. 

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