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The Uppababy strollers are great strollers for children. Uppababy strollers are very innovative, stylish, and loaded with full of features. This stroller will be a great choice if you want to buy a stroller for your baby. But you may think folding this stroller is very hard and how to fold the Uppababy stroller. Now I am here to solve your problem.

For parents, a stroller is an essential baby product. A stroller helps you to carry your baby in it. Buying a stroller is not an easy job. And maintenance of a stroller is also hard work. Different strollers follow different steps to fold. Today we are going to talk about how to close the Uppababy stroller to make your job easier. 

Uppbaby strollers are unique and also long-lasting. But it can be hard for you to fold. But if you follow some steps, you can easily fold the stroller. You should know that Uppababy manufacturers too many strollers and models, and they require some effort to fold up. Read below to know how to fold the Uppababy stroller.

How to Fold Uppababy Stroller

Uppababy strollers offer too many types of design. And they require different steps to fold up. They are easy to fold but tricky. If you want to know how to fold an Uppababy stroller, please follow these steps.

1. The Uppababy Vista Stroller  

The Uppababy Vista Stroller comes with multiple features. It is specially designed for growing families. You can use this stroller for all-purpose.

How to fold this stroller? 
  • First of all, press the brake to stop the movement of the stroller.
  • Please press the button on the handlebar to extend it to its limits.
  • Make sure that the stroller keeps upright when it is folded, and also keep in mind that the seat of the stroller should be facing a forward position.
  • Press the release triggers and drag the stroller up till it folds up. 
  • Keep folding the stroller until you grab the left latch.

2. The Uppababy Cruz Stroller 

The Uppababy Cruz Stroller is portable. You can use this stroller as a travel system along with a child carrier. The stroller offers too many attractive colors. 

How to fold this stroller?
  • First of all, press the strollers brake.
  • Elevate the handlebar to its highest limit
  • Release the triggers and turn the stroller around you and then to the ground. 
  • To have a more compact fold, enlarge the leg rest.

3. The Uppababy G-Luxe Stroller

The Uppababy G-Luxe Stroller is a stylish, lightweight stroller with too many features. The stroller is very easy to fold and very easy to carry. 

How to fold this stroller? 
  • Press the Grey colored button 
  • While pushing the button, pull the grey-colored trigger towards you to unclose the lock settings.
  • Tug the front wheels in an upright position so that they can face the handlebar. Do not move the handlebar. The stroller will stand if the latch is fixed in place.

4. The Uppababy G-Link 2 Stroller

This stroller is an advanced umbrella-mechanized stroller. This stroller is not lightweight, but it is a great double stroller.

How to fold this stroller?
  • First of all, turn on the brake.
  • Hold the middle grey colored handle and push the grey button.
  • Turn the handle upwards, which will make the stroller fold up.
  • Grab the front wheels so it’s close in your direction.
  • The stroller will only stand upright if the latch is secured. 

5. The Uppababy Alta Stroller

The Uppababy Alta Stroller is a lightweight stroller that offers an adjustable hood. The hood has a shield that the stroller can adjust to match your child’s needs.

How to fold this stroller? 
  • First of all, turn on the brake to stop the stroller from moving while folding.
  • Turn the seat of the stroller towards you so the stroller can stand after folding.
  • Push the button on the handlebar to extend it to the highest limit.
  • Release the side triggers with your index finger so that the stroller would start to fold up. 
  • Keep an eye on the stroller while folding and until the left latch is locked.

6. The Uppababy Minu Stroller

The UppababyMinu Stroller is a stylish, easily portable stroller. The stroller offers parent-child-friendly features. The stroller folds very fast. 

How to fold this stroller?
  • The stroller would fold up by switching off the rear wheel. Collapse the stroller by pressing the handlebars button. 
  • The stroller will become significantly smaller after folding. 

7. The Uppababy G-Lite Stroller

The Uppababy G-Lite Stroller is very lightweight and

How to fold this stroller? 
  • First of all, press the grey-colored button, which is precisely placed on the right-side handle. 
  • Release both side triggers at the same time. 
  • Make sure that the front wheels are in an upright position.
  • Ensure that the latch pin is in place.

Folding Routine Care

  • Clear the area before folding, or else fabric or other kinds of stuff can get stuck in the stroller. 
  • Ensure that your child is not around when you are folding the stroller.
  • Be aware of folding the stroller, or your finger could get stuck while folding and injured. 
  • As we know, oil is the best friend of joints. Always try to keep them lubricated. 
  • Always keep your stroller dry and store it in a dry place for durability. 
  • If your stroller is not folding, don’t force it. Try to figure out what is the main problem.


The Uppababy Baby strollers are great strollers for babies. The stroller comes in different models and has too many features. They offer additional features and different colors. The Uppababy baby strollers are very easy to fold. If you follow some steps, you can fold up the stroller very easily.

Many parents think folding an Uppababy Stroller is very hard and want to know how to close an Uppababy stroller or fold an Uppababy stroller with a toddler seat. But folding and Uppababy stroller is very easy if you follow some steps. Although the stroller has too many models, most of all, it requires the same steps.

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